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5 more things to stop paying for right now
By Tammy Barton

Stop in the name of savingLast year, I wrote a popular post about 6 things to stop paying for right now. Here are five more to add to the list.

  1. ATM charges. Aussies spent a staggering $627M on ATM charges last year. Avoid paying for money on the go by withdrawing your spending money from an in-network ATM once a week. Alternatively, apps like Find My ATM and AroundMe will tell you where your bank’s nearest ATM is located.
  2. Bottled water. According to consumer watchdog Choice, two litres of tap water a day will set you back less than $2 a year. The same amount of water in single-serve bottles will cost around $2800! That makes bottled water 2000 times more expensive than the stuff that comes out of the tap yet with very little nutritional difference. Try buying a reusable bottle instead. (The environment will benefit, too.)
  3. Magazines. Some glossy mags will set you back $10 or more. Zinio is a digital newsstand with more than 5,500 magazine titles that are free to access on your PC, phone or tablet using your public library membership.
  4. Lunch. The average Australian worker spends around $750 a year on bought lunches. Even a daily cappuccino will set you back around $1000 per annum. Making your lunch and coffee at home will save you nearly $2000 a year. Sick of sandwiches? Try a bento lunch box instead. I also love this travel mug in disguise.
  5. Fitness fads. Aussies are spending more than ever on gyms, sports equipment and fitness fads — $8.5 billion a year to be precise. Keeping fit is a great investment, but don’t forget there are lots of ways to keep fit for free.
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