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MyBudget on 7News: Best Savings Accounts
By MyBudget Editor

Comparison rating site Canstar has announced the best savings accounts of 2020 and none of them are offered by the big banks. Even the best savings accounts are paying around only 2% interest p.a.

So what should you do with your savings?

When Channel 7 asked MyBudget founder and director Tammy Barton to comment, she said that the best place for your savings is in your mortgage offset account if you have one. Watch now!

Not included in this clip, Tammy also stress that savings are more important than ever because they create a safety net and build flexibility into your finances.

Other ways to future-proof your finances include paying off high-interest debts and creating a budget that helps you live comfortably your means.

See the Canstar list of results here.

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