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Switch or stay? Slash your household bills by getting a better deal (free checklist)
By MyBudget Editor

If you’re not getting the best deal on insurance, phone and power, it’s probably time to break up with your service providers. To help you decide between switch or stay, we’ve created a handy checklist that’s yours to download for free.

Little expenses add up

If you’re careful with your money, you probably give quite a bit of thought to your daily spending habits. You might be taking your lunch to work or meal planning or diligently saving for Christmas

There are all sorts of ways to spend consciously and, when you bundle those habits together, you can save literally thousands a year. Bringing your lunch to work can save upwards of $2500 alone.

More bang for your buck

Then there are your big household expenses to think about. When it comes to big household expenses, we’re talking about the sorts of costs that are essential and non-negotiable—think: mortgage or rent, electricity, gas, internet, phone and insurance. 

If you consider that the average home loan holder is paying around $12,000 a year in interest payments alone, you can see there are potentially huge savings to be made in this area. In fact, at MyBudget Loans, we’ve been saving clients around $400 a month when they refinance.

Sneaky annual expenses

Dental checkups, car servicing and annual vet check ups only come once or twice a year, but when they do, they can pack a punch. Take your dog or cat’s annual vaccinations, for example. By the time you include non-core vaccines, preventative flea and tick medications, worming treatments and charges for the vet’s time, a visit can run to hundreds of dollars.

Can you shop around for cheaper vet visits? You betcha. Vets charge differing amounts for their services. Some vets offer multiple pet discounts. Others offer treatment packages.

The same is true for human medical checkups. Some GPs bulk bill (charge your visit wholly to Medicare), while others charge their patients a fee. Many dentists charge no out-of-pocket expenses for checkups when patients have dental cover.

Shop around once a year

House and contents insurance, in particular, is one area where shopping around once a year can offer big payoffs. You may even be able to save hundreds while staying with the same insurer.

The best part is that online brokers and aggregators have made comparing costs really easy. You can jump onto a website like iSelect or Compare The Market and literally compare a bunch of competitors in one go.  It could be the best 20 minutes you invest this spring!

Download your free Get The Best Deal Checklist

To help you shop around, we’ve created a Get The Best Deal Checklist that’s yours to download for free. It shows all your major household expenses and leaves space for you to write your own details in the sheet.  We’ve also included a list of websites where you can do your comparison shopping. 

The details provided in the checklist are for general use only and do not take your personal situation into account. We do not in any way endorse or recommend any third-party aggregator or brokerage services. We recommend that you speak with a qualified broker about your specific insurance, loan or other household needs.

Download your FREE ‘Get The Best Deal Checklist.’ Print it out or type directly onto the document. 

Spring clean your finances

Now is the perfect time to shake the winter off your finances. Create a budget that spring cleans your money and sets you up for a long, happy summer of success!

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