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Honouring the ANZAC spirit
By Tammy May

At the going down of the sun, we will remember themOn Friday it will be Anzac Day, a national holiday we’ve been celebrating since 1916, the year after our soldiers landed on the beaches at Gallipoli.

Please take time to spare a thought for the original Anzacs. Aside from their sacrifices, they earned us a worldwide reputation for being hardy, humble and courageous battlers — a resourceful lot that never quits, that believes in a fair go for everyone and always finds something to laugh about, even in the face of hardship.

What an incredible legacy. The Anzac spirit has become part of our national psyche and a symbol of our values. I witness it every day in my work. I’m constantly inspired by the courage and good cheer of MyBudget clients. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and every walk of life, and they typify the qualities of resolve and resourcefulness.

Anzac Centenary | Camp GallipoliCamp Gallipoli 2015

MyBudget is proudly Australian and we are excited to be involved in next year’s Anzac centenary. In 2015, Australians will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate the Anzac spirit at series of camps to be held around the country:

24-25 April, 2015: Camp Gallipoli will feature nine camp sites around Australia and New Zealand, with each site having a historical link to Gallipoli, WW1 and other theatres of war. The venues will allow families, schools and community groups to camp out under the same stars as the original Anzacs 100 years ago. The camp will feature documentaries via large screen technology, a live broadcast from a specially chartered ship off Anzac Cove, a concert featuring some of Australia and New Zealand’s most legendary performers and a fully catered dinner and breakfast.

We are proud to offer our staff and members a unique opportunity to participate in Camp Gallipoli.

Up to 26% discount off Camp Gallipoli tickets and products for MyBudget clients and staff members!

Use coupon code "MyBudget" to receive a discount on Camp Gallipoli tickets and products. Discounts range from 10% up to 26% off normal prices. Be quick! Offer runs from 1-24 April 2014 through Ticketek.

Anzac Centenary 2015

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