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5 quirky ways to increase your income
By Tammy May

Increase your incomeWould you like to earn extra income, but don’t have time for a second (or third) job? Here are some quirky ways people are making more money.

  1. Do you have an unused parking space? ParkHound is a service that connects drivers with people who have spare parking spaces in their driveways, yards, streets or garages. You can list your parking spots for free and set your own rate. Speaking of parking…
  2. Does your car spend more time parking than driving? Drive My Car Rentals helps car owners to rent their private vehicles to renters. For a cut of the rental fee, the company checks renters, does the paperwork and provides insurance coverage. Perhaps you could put your car to work while you’re away on holidays.
  3. Do you have good swimmers? While it’s illegal to sell body parts and body by-products in Australia, there’s a loophole that allows medical service providers to compensate donors for their effort and expenses. Sperm donations in Australia attract a reimbursement of $100-$300, plus you’d be giving a priceless gift to a future family.
  4. Need a haircut? The going price for hair in good condition is a few hundred dollars per foot. Unfortunately, they don’t buy it by the inch—buyers expect at least 25 centimetres of healthy locks.
  5. What would you do for $5? is an online service that allows members to promote their skills for $5 a gig. Some of the gigs on offer include drawing you as a zombie and teaching you a magic trick. There are lots of serious gigs, too.
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