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Discount coupons: a cheaper slice of the pie
By Tammy Barton

One of our readers recently sent us his tips for saving money. Paul has embraced the concept of making little changes to his spending habits that impact negligently on his day-to-day life, but add up quickly over time.

Instead of buying a newspaper every day, Paul now reads his news online. It saves him $1.40 a day and around $400 a year. Instead of running his home heating continuously in winter, Paul turns the heater on for 20 minutes every few hours. He says it takes the chill out of the place and he and the family simply wear jumpers inside.

You all know that at MyBudget we’re big fans of home cooking, not only because home cooked meals are usually healthier, but they’re also kinder on your budget. When Paul and his family do decide to treat themselves to a night out of the kitchen, they use coupon websites to download discount codes that save them around $9 an order. There are many coupon sites out there so make sure you look around. Shopadocket, for example, allows you to look up discount coupons by postcode.

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