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Gifts that save money
By Tammy May

Buy gufts that save people moneyI got an email from a MyBudget client and MoneyTalks reader who wrote:

Hello Tammy,

Just wanted to share with you that since purchasing a coffee pod machine I have honestly saved a couple of hundred dollars over the course of the year. Buying coffee at $4 each once, twice or three times daily really hits the pocket. All year since January I have used a pod machine both at home and at work which is amazing and a great money saving tip.

Regards, Philip

Coffee pod machines are the rave among coffee drinkers. You can even buy machines that have reusable pods that reduce packaging waste and can be filled with any grinds you like.

It got me thinking—not just about coffee—but about Christmas being around the corner and that a coffee pod machine would make a great gift for a latte loving relative—a gift that would save them money. Then I started brainstorming other money-saving gift ideas and here’s what I came up with:

  1. Coffee pod machine
  2. Bread maker machine
  3. Wine saver vacuum pump
  4. Crockpot/slow cooker
  5. Rechargeable batteries and recharger unit
  6. Reusable aluminium water bottle
  7. Water purifier for the kitchen tap
  8. SodaStream carbonated drink maker
  9. Home brewing kit
  10. Home pedicure kit

Gift cards are always a reliable money-saving idea, too.

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