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Lookin' good on a budget
By Tammy May

Budgeting for fashionI’m as guilty as the next girl for taking an interest in beauty and fashion trends. This used to be a topic that only affected women, but I find that more and more men are interested in fashion, too—and not just metrosexuals.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not your clothes, handbag or hairstyle. Stick to fashion that's affordable and you'll not only look good, you'll also feel great about yourself.

With that in mind, here are my tips for girls (and guys) that just wanna have funds:

  • Give yourself an affordable clothes allowance in your budget and stick to it. That might mean saving up for expensive items or putting them on lay-by. Because I don’t spend beyond my budget, I never feel guilty.
  • I have one word for you Kimmie: “Sales and bargains!” By only buying items that are marked down, you can save  hundreds of dollars a year.
  • Buy clothes you can easily mix and match. I try to avoid unique pieces that don’t go with other things in my wardrobe. If you already have a lot of clothes, it might pay to spend an hour shopping in your own wardrobe and trying different pieces together. My friend Juliet uses the app StylishGirl to keep track of her wardrobe. She says it's like having an online stocktake of her clothes in her pocket and it keeps her honest ("do I really need another black top?"). It also helps her create lots of different looks.
  • Borrow clothes from friends. My friends and I often share clothes, shoes and accessories.
  • If you find a great look in a magazine, try to source similar, cheaper items from places like Target. My friend Leah is fantastic at this. Her clothes are low priced, but she wears them like a million dollars.
  • Don’t be a slave to fashion. If your fashion spending is causing you stress or coming at the cost of other goals, it’s time to cut back and get serious. Here's how MyBudget client Nicole did it.
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