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'Make A Difference' program - winners announced!
By Tammy Barton

Christmas biscuits Client winners of cash prizeEveryday Australians’ stories of hardship, illness and heartbreak flooded into MyBudget when we called for submissions for our inaugural ‘Make A Difference’ program.

Initially the program was going to have $5,000 to distribute to three winners, but after reading the heartfelt submissions it was doubled by MyBudget to $10,000 so we could reach out to more people.

Sharing in $10,000 will be 13 MyBudget clients who had the courage to tell us the difference a gift of money would make in their lives this Christmas. To name only a few, the causes ranged from repaying debts, to buying medicine, affording specialist treatment for children with disabilities, making car repairs, visiting dying family members, and the simple joy of affording a few Christmas presents.

Taking home first prize is Yvonne Daniels of Tailem Bend, South Australia, who has been managing to keep on top of her debts but needs a helping hand as she and her family battle illness that is making it hard to keep life on track.

Yvonne plans to put the $3,500 gift towards fixing her car, replacing her fridge and home’s leaking roof, ceiling and guttering.

“This could not have come at a better time,” Yvonne said when we called her with the good news. “It will be nice to be able to put something good on the table at Christmas with my two sons, as we are all so close and they go through everything with me.”

As I read the applications, many of them brought me to tears. Unforseen changes happen in peoples’ lives and can lead to financial stress, so some extra money has a big impact, especially at this time of year. These changes may include job loss, divorce, illness or the death of a family member. For many, the money will go towards being able to enjoy a meal out with their family, buy their children Christmas gifts and maintenance in the home.

We decided to establish the ‘Make A Difference’ program to help ease financial burden and it's turned out to be a blessing for us and for the recipients. We truly felt the gift of giving when we rang the winners to let them know there would be a Christmas bonus coming their way.

Congratulations to the winners and heartfelt thanks again to everyone who applied. It was an honour to read your stories. Please don’t let the challenges of 2010 overshadow your achievements and never hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help.

1st place ($3500 Prize)
Yvonne Daniels2nd place ($1000 Prize)
Darryl & Jill Tyler3rd place (11 x $500 prizes)
Judy Carne
Mary-Ann Hart
Keona Willemen
Kimberly Rezel
Robyn Hardiker
Anita & Steve Thompson
Donella & Andrew Pope
Kirsty & Brad Hatchard
Lisa Owen
Angela Drosd
Rory & Wilbert Sumalinong
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