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More tinsel for your Christmas budget
By Tammy May

Last week I posted an article about budgeting for Christmas. If you've worked out your Christmas budget and it's looking leaner than you'd like, there are a number of ways you might be able to add more tinsel to your tree. With 12 weeks until the big day, there’s still time to tighten your belt and find some serious cash for the silly season.

  • Bring a packed lunch to work every day (potential saving $300-$600)
  • Skip the daily cappuccino (potential saving $180-$300)
  • Curb your partying and socialising until December (big potential savings, depending on your social habits)
  • Cut your weekly grocery budget by $10 (potential saving $120)
  • You might be able to save $100+ in a single week by shopping in your own kitchen instead of the supermarket. Try using the food you already have in your fridge, freezer and pantry for a week’s meal planning.
  • Sell some of your unwanted stuff.
  • Take on some extra seasonal/short-term work (baby sitting, lawn mowing etc.)
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