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Riding the MyBudget bus to retirement
By Tammy Barton

Two of our valued clients, Bob and Judy, have given us permission to share their wonderful story with you.

Bob and Judy joined MyBudget in 2007 because, in Bob’s words, they’d gotten in over their heads with credit cards and loans: “At one stage we were tearing our hair out. Anyone can get into trouble with credit cards”.

Like many of our clients, Bob had a good job and a long, solid work history. He’s a Vietnam veteran who spent 20 years in the services—twelve in the navy and eight in the air force. He and Judy have been married 42 years; they have three grown up sons, seven grandchildren, and a host of four-legged family members. They’re kind, cheerful, big-hearted people.

Shortly after joining MyBudget, Bob’s mum passed away. Not only did Bob have to deal with the sadness of losing his dear mother, but his modest inheritance complicated his financial situation - because of a potential increase in assets, Bob’s creditors wouldn’t agree to a debt settlement. This is when Suzanne, one of MyBudget’s team leaders and debt agreement experts, stepped in. Suzanne liaised with Bob’s lawyer about his inheritance and, on Bob and Judy’s behalf, negotiated reduced settlements on all of their cards and loans without affecting their credit rating.

Two years later, all but Bob and Judy’s mortgage is paid off and they’ve planned their retirement, which includes an indefinite road tour of Australia. They’ve bought themselves a big silver bus that they’re busy outfitting before they hit the bitumen in the coming months.

I asked Bob where they plan to travel first and his reply was “any direction we feel like on the day”. Bob and Judy, we can’t wait to receive updates about your travels. Heartfelt congratulations on achieving your financial goals and following your dreams!

“I can’t say enough about MyBudget. We saw MyBudget advertised on the television and we decided to give it a go. It was one of the best things we ever did. Aside from our mortgage, all our bills are paid off and we’ve been able to retire.” Bob & Judy, MyBudget clients

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