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Update from the trenches: Buy Nothing New in August Challenge
By Tammy May

Time to cut costsWe’re nearly two weeks into the Buy Nothing New in August Challenge. I have to admit that it’s not been as easy as I imagined. It’s not until you make yourself a promise like this that you begin to realise how automatic the impulse to buy new stuff is.

It’s not too late to join. In fact, it’s never too late to become a conscious consumer. Even if you fall off the Buy Nothing New wagon a couple of times this month, the exercise is still valuable. Just by trying to do the challenge your brain will turn on to the idea of conscious consumption. That voice in your head that says “do you really need it?” will become a little more persuasive.

Thanks to the challengers who are sharing their thoughts and insights on our Facebook page and the MyBudget Buzz forum. Hang in there—only 19 days to go!  Here are a few of the comments and reflections.

"So in a last hoorah, I visited Harbour Town yesterday and picked up some well-deserved new knickers and socks (on special) then said good bye to my inner-consumer. No more purchasing of 'things' until after August."

"It’s been hard. I had no idea how often I buy new things—even just little things. The answer is that I’ve been avoiding shops and it seems to be working. Plus it’s my birthday next month—good things come to those who wait, right?"

"I think I can do it. Will have to pick up my daughter’s birthday lay-by soon then. Her birthday is 23rd August. My favourite shop at the moment is an op shop....but I can resist haha."  [Fabulous planning! Note: The Buy Nothing New Challenge is op shop friendly. Second-hand, borrowed and swapped items are exempted from the challenge.]

"Being a single lady it’s going to be hard. So have decided on a grog free month as well!"

"This is something I do every month so I'll take the challenge easily. You realise after a few months you really don't need the material things and if you even consider buying something you end up talking yourself out of it."

"So far so good - August 9th and I have bought nothing new ;-) Really need a new pair of running shoes but will wait until September."

"I was going to go to the Port Markets today. They do sell a lot of second hand stuff. I chose not to go to avoid temptation of buying something new. I have to say that I find myself having to think about all my actions to ensure that I don't buy something new as it is habit just to do so. Finding this challenge very invigorating and certainly satisfying."

"We have down-sized from our big automatic station wagon to a very small, used, manual Barina last month, so although we have a little money left over I do not intend to spend it in a hurry. I am saving it for a holiday later in the year."

"I was doing really well for the first week, but of course as soon as I start this challenge I notice how scungey my black opaque tights are that I wear at work. Still haven’t bought a new pair though. My mum said she would look though hers and see if she had any that were less holey than mine. I am wearing pants every day until I can get something else. This is proving challenging because a pair of tights are really a very small purchase and would be pretty easy to sneak in with the weekly shopping." [Awesome dedication to the challenge! If you decide to cave in and buy some new tights don't be too hard on yourself - essential items are okay, which includes work uniform needs.]

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