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School holidays on a budget
By Tammy May

Keeping the kids entertained for lessSchool holidays are coming up which means those of us with kids are busy plotting ways to keep them entertained. Here are my tips for enjoying the holidays without breaking the bank.

Have you worked out your holiday care arrangements? I’m lucky that I have a circle of family and close friends I can lean on, and my kids love spending a couple of days with their grandparents or aunties. In the past, I’ve also shared holiday care with other families from school. (If your kids will be going to a holiday program, don’t forget to add the cost into your budget.)

Your local library is a great place to start looking for free activities. Drop in and ask for a school holiday guide now so you can start planning. Some libraries have a game and toy section (get in early, they go fast), and all have books, CDs, DVDs and magazines for borrowing. has a search box (found in the ‘Things to Do’ tab) that helps you look for school holiday events in your area. You’ll find all sorts of activities (many are free), from archery lessons to train rides.

If you’ll be hosting play dates at your place, keep it simple so the extra costs don’t blow out your budget. Most kids are happy with snacks like fruit and sandwiches. My daughter
A bit of boredom can be good for kids Maddie and her friends are old enough to make their own biscuits and cupcakes.

Lastly, let’s promise to remind each other that it’s actually healthy for kids to play on their own once in a while. Even boredom can be productive because that’s when kids learn to be creative.

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