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Suzanne Isbester: 10 years with the MyBudget family
By Tammy May
Suzanne (right) with her daughter
Suzanne with her daughter

This week’s blog is dedicated to Suzanne Isbester, MyBudget’s first employee to celebrate 10 years of service with the company. In recognition of this special milestone, I’m pleased to share my memories of meeting Suzanne and I’ve asked her to reflect on what a decade of service means for her.

I remember interviewing Suzanne in 2005 and being impressed by her professional achievements, first in South Africa where she was in charge of asset lending for a major bank, then at the Commonwealth Bank in Australia. (Keep in mind that MyBudget had only eight employees in 2005!) I was also struck by Suzanne’s sincerity and genuineness. I could see that her incredible knowledge of the banking industry was complemented by an incredibly caring heart.

Suzanne reflects on it this way: “When I saw the ad for MyBudget, it was all about helping people. I thought ‘I can do that and I think I’ll enjoy it’. In fact,” continues Suzanne, “if it wasn’t for me getting the job at MyBudget, I probably would have gone back to South Africa. I was feeling sad and homesick, but joining MyBudget was like joining a family.”

Suzanne became MyBudget’s first dedicated debt negotiator and today she is a personal insolvency specialist. “I love helping people and seeing how their lives change,” says Suzanne. “I had one client who told me their dream was to buy a bus and tour around Australia. I told him ‘Ok, if that’s your dream, let’s do it.’ Well, he’s touring around Australia right now and he regularly phones in and updates me where he is. Stuff like that happens all the time and it makes me happy to know our clients are happy.”

From the whole MyBudget family, we thank Suzanne for her amazing skills and dedication. We look forward to many more years together.

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